The start-up is very easy because the PA03 amplifier module does need any adjustments. You'll need an universal multimeter (voltmeter), a symmetrical regulated power supply (or shunt transformer). Increase the power supply from zero and check it permanently with the  use a voltmeter. If the voltage is approx. ±17 V, check the output voltage on the stabilizers (test pointsTP1 and TP2), the value should be ±12 V or ±15 V depending on the stabilizers type. Than check the voltage on the LM4780 outputs (TP 3 and TP4). There must be DC voltage equal to zero. If everything is correct, increase the voltage. The output relays will be activated and than increase the voltage to the limit. Now you must insert the jumper to the pins 9 and 10 (or 11 and 12) in the input connector, mute relay is activated and you can enjoy your music.

I wish you a lot of experiences and good ideas with using this PA03 amplifier module. I would like to design the following modules to expand the PA 03 application possibilities:

•    soft-start module
•    active crossover module
•    preamplifier module
•    active crossover module  for usage in subwoofer applications

Best regards
Pavel Dudek