QSXPS - Regulated Power Supply

Trivia: Photo taken with a Hasselblad camera with a digital backplane in 1996 (I think). Photographer unknown but used to work for www.elfa.se.

This power supply design did I make for the DAC and for the new ultra extreme RIAA which never left the design stage (maybe it will some day). This power supply gives power to my DAC's almost every day since 1995! Good quality, isn't it? I'm very proud of it and it is not an overkill, like the RIAA amp.

In fact the design is very sensible. No expensive or extreme parts are used and the performance is quite outstanding! If you look at technical data maybe you agree. But remember one thing: This power supply is designed to work with known loads.

It was very fulfilling to have full control over the design process. All parameters are determined by passive components only. I have tailored every detail in the performance. Every part in the power supply have been thoroughly analyzed and tested.